Cloquet Services: Saturday 6:30pm | Sunday 9 & 10:45am // Morgan Park Services: Sunday 10am

OUR VISION is to help people Reach Up, Rise Up, and Reach Out.

Reach Up:
We were all meant to be in a real, right relationship with God: to receive forgiveness and salvation. This relationship allows us to grow in the areas of prayer and praise and for the baptism and indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Reaching up allows us to receive His promises for justice, provision, healing, direction, wisdom, spiritual gifts, and more.

Rise Up:
A real encounter with God changes lives. Whether He touches us in large group or small group meetings, in daily devotions, through worship, prayer, or any other number of ways, we need to rise up out of the things pulling us down, into a life of overcoming obstacles, and become loving disciples of Jesus Christ.

Reach Out:
A real relationship with God is a call to action.  We want to empower people to get involved in God’s plan for their lives in order to advance to their fullest potential in Christ. When everyone does their part, the church naturally meets needs both locally and around the world through missions, evangelism, and any number of creative ministry endeavors.


Good Hope Church, as a spirit-filled body of believers affiliated with the MN District of the Assemblies of God is committed to connecting with God in worship and prayer. We endeavor to bring people to a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Needs of families and the community are met through people rising up by the power of God to become who they were created to be.


How do we help people advance in their faith? Here is the basic path:

  • Pre-evangelism: Getting the name Good Hope out in a positive way.
  • Evangelism: Giving people an opportunity to choose Christ.
  • Care Ministries: Helping people overcome their obstacles.
  • Discipleship: Training in how to be a Christian.
  • Involvement: Participating in the church ministries.
  • Advancement: Empowering people to reach their full potential in Christ.
  • Four keys to Christian growth: big group participation, small group relationships, personal devotions, and service.
  • Each member prayerfully engaged and given the tools to grow in their faith.
  • Providing a safe, free and loving environment where the Spirit can move.
  • Reaching our community where they are with what they need.
  • Seeing the value of all people with the eyes of Jesus.
  • Honoring God through excellence in our service to Him.