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 ACH Direct Withdrawal option available!

Give via PayPal Website

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DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN DONATE STOCKS? - You may be able to increase income, avoid upfront capital gains, and create a charitable deduction, all of which can increase your giving impact!

Donating appreciated stock will cost you less than making the same donation in cash. If you sell the appreciated stock you must first pay the capital gains tax and then donate the after-tax portion. When you donate appreciated stock you can deduct the full value of the stock and avoid paying the capital gains tax. The church receives the full value of the stock because, as a charitable organization, it is not required to pay the tax.

If your stock is held by your broker, it’s as easy as a phone call. Click below to download a Gift of Securities Form. Then your broker merely transfers your stock to Good Hope’s account.


Gift of Securities Form


Learn more about the tax advantages of giving appreciated assets instead of cash.
If you prefer not to use an online option for giving, you can mail your offering to the address:

Good Hope Church, 55 Armory Road S., Cloquet, MN 55720