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PodcastWe are proud to announce that our sermon podcast is now  iTunes. What does this mean?

Well it simply means that now you can listen to the latest sermons we post without even visiting our website. All you need is a media player that also plays audio podcasts. Below is how you can listen to our podcast episodes.

  1. GoodHopeSearch in iTunes: If you use iTunes you can search for us under the podcast section so that you can listen and download newly posted sermons without having to visit our website. Just search for “Good Hope Church” and look for this icon.
  2. iTunes already installed: If you already have iTunes installed you can follow this link to directly subscribe to our weekly sermon podcast (saves you the searching):
  3. Using another media player: If you are using other media players such as Winamp, Juice and the list goes on, simply use your podcast player specific steps of adding a podcast and use this url to directly subscribe to our sermon podcast.
  4. On the website: We also have our good old way of playing the sermons on the website. Click here to go to our audio sermon list and click the play button on the sermon you wish to listen to.
  5. Oh, almost forgot! You can also click on the Podcast button on our Facebook Page at and you can listen to them right in Facebook.

Happy Listening…