Cloquet Services: Saturday 6:30pm | Sunday 9 & 10:45am // Morgan Park Services: Sunday 10am

I can hardly wait for us to be able to worship together at church!  As you know, a lot is going on and I ask you to trust me, the board, and the staff as we navigate this.

As far as the timeline for re-opening goes, we will continue to be responsible citizens and follow the guidelines set out by our Governor and the Minnesota District of the Assemblies of God.  That means I can’t give you definite answers, but let me give you a quick summary of the strategy that Good Hope will be employing for re-opening.  It is basically a three-tiered process. 

Tier 1 is our current situation: Online Church. 

Then, we will add Tier 2: which will simply be to encourage people to invite family and friends over for online church if they are able to do so.  We will call this “Mini Church.”  It looks to me like Tier 2 Mini Church could possibly be added to Tier 1 Online Services the middle of June.

Finally, we will add Tier 3: which will be to add live services to the Online and Mini Church options.  No option will be eliminated as we go through this progression. That way everyone can do what works best for them at the time.  Big church meetings will be further out.  We will start having main services again when having Kid’s Church is allowed. 

The opportunities here are just amazing.  Online services have already increased our reach as a church.  I believe that Mini Church will make it easier to invite people and that new Good Hope Church campuses will arise out of Mini Church meetings.  Then, when we are able to get crowded in our main services again that will represent so much more impact than before Covid-19.  We are seeing Romans 8:28 unfold before our very eyes.  What a wonderful time to be alive!
God bless you all,
Pastor Mike