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A few weeks ago, I experienced virtual reality for the first time. One of my colleagues brought her Oculus into the office and let our whole team try it out. I picked the VR mini golf experience, which I wasn’t initially excited for — I’ve never really liked mini golf. But when I slid on the Oculus, I was pleasantly surprised. Entering the realm of VR mini-golf was refreshing. Instead of playing on a grimy, green mat in a dingy amusement park, I was enjoying a round of putt-putt on a clean, sleek golf course floating in the clouds.

Even though the environment and obstacles on the VR golf course were obviously not realistic, I still felt like I was there. After my first putt, I tried walking toward the ball. I ended up slamming into a pillar in the office. When I dangled my foot over the platform, I freaked out. I thought I was going to fall for a split second.

After too many double bogeys in a row, I slid off the Oculus and returned to reality. I felt like I was just transported to a different world. I couldn’t believe how well VR played to my senses and tricked my brain into thinking I was on a mini-golf course in the sky, even though I knew I was in an office. The experience made me want to try it again. Heck, I even thought about buying an Oculus. But before you drop $400 on a VR headset like I almost did, you should know you can have nearly as much fun playing VR mini golf as you can interact with VR apps for iPhone or Android.

  • Google Cardboard:

The official Google Cardboard app is a must-have VR app. You can use the app for your mobile VR experience. The app lets you view your videos, photospheres, and other VR content stored on your smartphone. It also has a library of VR apps and games that makes you find new VR content a lot easier.

  • Vr Haunted House 3D:

VR haunted house 2D is one of the best VR apps for android for horror activities. In the game, the abandoned house has mystical events. You should protect the home from restless monsters. The application is free, and you can play using the controller. Using gaze pointer wherever you look, you can move to that place. Using the tip, you can shoot the zombies automatically when pointed at them. The combination of running and shooting with a controller is smooth and feels natural. You can experience realistic 3D sounds and have an amazing immersive VR experience.

  • VR Galaxy Wars:

This app will bring you into the 360 degrees VR war for the future galaxy. This is one of the best VR apps for android. You will love the autopilot choice where you will get time to think about and chose which ship to shoot. Along with headphones, you will have a great immersive VR experience.

  • Colosse:

Top-notch sound design and wonderful, Samurai Jack-Esque animation are the driving forces behind Colosse, a short-story VR experience that responds to the rooted player’s gaze, moving the narrative forward seamlessly. Described by developer Fire Panda as a “real-time virtual reality storytelling experience,” Colosse revels in its sense of scale, with clever details throughout. For instance, the “hunter” character is rendered at just 12 frames per second, while the rest of the film is in 60, contributing to its unique atmosphere.

Audio and visual cues direct the player’s gaze, and certain objects “wait” to activate until you look at them, which provides a natural sense of pace. Certain events will occur depending upon the direction you’re facing, so you’ll never be stuck searching for the next piece of the puzzle. Originally designed as a demo for the Oculus Mobile VRJam, Colosse isn’t quite as fleshed out as Allumette, but it’s certainly a sight to behold, and a fun display of the ways VR can change storytelling. Oh, and it’s free.