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DateJul 8, 2019
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Good Hope Foundations has 4 Sessions broken down into 16 parts.

which Pastor Mike Stevens put together to help you:

1. Get to know who we are

2. Find out what we believe

3. Find your strengths & help you grow, and

4. Use your strengths & gifts to make a difference in the lives of others.

Foundations is also necessary for people who want to volunteer in the ministries of the church.  
It is not a membership class, and there are no strings attached.



Section 1Who We Are: Mission & Vision
Lecture 1Mission & Vision
Section Quiz
Section 2Who We Are: Discipleship Pathway
Lecture 2Discipleship Pathway
Section Quiz
Section 3Who We Are: Core Values
Lecture 3Core Values
Section Quiz
Section 4Who We Are: Leadership
Lecture 4Leadership, Structure, & Money
Section Quiz
Section 5What We Believe: Doctrines 1-6
Lecture 5Doctrines 1-6
Section Quiz
Section 6What We Believe: Doctrines 7-8
Lecture 6Doctrines 7-8
Section Quiz
Section 7What We Believe
Lecture 7Doctrines 9-16
Section Quiz
Section 8What We Believe: FAQs
Lecture 8Doctrine FAQs
Section Quiz
Section 9What About You: Being a Strong Player
Lecture 9Being a Strong Player
Section Quiz
Section 10What About You: Putting Up With Others
Lecture 10Putting Up With Others
Section Quiz
Section 11What About You: Spiritual Growth
Lecture 11Spiritual Growth
Section Quiz
Section 12What About You: Money
Lecture 12Money
Section Quiz
Section 13Join the Team: Introduction
Section 14Join the Team: Areas of Opportunity
Section 15Join the Team: Protection Policies
Lecture 15Child Protection Policy
Lecture 16Youth Protection Policy
Lecture 17Background Check
Section 16Join the Team: Ministry Scheduler Pro
Lecture 18Church Center App
Lecture 19Scheduling Program
Lecture 20Interested in Serving?
Section Quiz