Cloquet Services: Saturday 6:30pm | Sunday 9 & 10:30am
Morgan Park Services: Sunday 10am starting Sept 24, 2017

Small Groups & Classes

  Small Groups & Classes will be starting up again in September.

1 & 2 Timothy Study – Living Out the Gospel (Journal) By Love God Greatly

About the topic: After a face to face encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus, Paul was radically and forever changed.  Paul wrote to Timothy regarding church leadership and ministry perseverance are powerful reminders to us today as we seek to stand firm with unwavering faith in an ungodly world. Just as Paul modeled and imparted this task to Timothy, may it be said of us… “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” – 2 Timothy 4:7 So grab your favorite beverage, crack open your Bible, and let’s dive into this six-week study together, reading and writing what God speaks into our hearts along the way.  Demographic: Any woman longing to know God through His word. Starts: Sept 21, 2017 Ends: Nov 16, 2017 Meets: Weekly Day: Thursday  Time: 6:30 pm Where: Classroom 4 Leader: Erika Sandstrom Phone: 218-310-2233 Email:

1 is a Whole Number By Robert L. Tauber

About the topic: Single adults are everywhere, coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and circumstances.  In this study we will follow the journeys of a few single adults in the scriptures including: Hagar, Joseph, Paul, John the Baptist… and Jesus. Demographic: Single Women/Single Moms Starts: Sept 20, 2017 Ends: Nov 15, 2017 Meets: Weekly Day: Wednesday Time: 7 pm Where: Classroom 4 Leader: Britt Swanson Phone: 218-213-0214 Email: 

Goliath Must Fall: Winning the Battle Against Your Giants By Louie Giglio

About the topic: Keeping your eyes on the size of your God, not your problems. Demographic: Anyone Starts: Sept 28, 2017 Ends: Nov 2, 2017 Meets: Weekly Day: Thursday Time: 6:30pm Place: 7088 Maple Grove Road (Jerry & Deb Lester’s Home) Leader: Jill Frost Phone: 218-879-3334 Email:

The Praying Wives Club

About the topic: Whether your husband is walking closely with the Lord or is running from Him with all he’s got, every man will benefit from a wife who prays for him.  We will intermix worship and prayer and lift our men up to the Lord to see them walk into all that God has for each one of them.  The Church needs strong men who love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and follow His leading.  Let’s pray, ladies!  Demographic:  Married women who have a desire to pray for their husbands Starts: Sept 21, 2017 Ends: Dec 7, 2017 Meets: Twice a month (1st and 3rd weeks) Day: Thursday Time: 7pm Place: Good Hope Church Sanctuary Leader: Heather Bulgrin & Paula Peterson Phone: 218-341-4495 (Heather) 651-253-4183 (Paula) (heather) (Paula)

The Truth Project (Video series)

About the topic: Do you REALLY believe that what you believe is really real?  What is truth?  Who is God?  Who is man?  We have been deceived by what the World teaches and have forgotten to trust what God has said.  Take a worldview tour with me.  We will discuss economics, art, media, music, literature, philosophy, ethics…  There is no topic that the Bible does not touch.  When you have a solid, Biblical worldview you will not be easily fooled by the World.    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.  (Isa. 5:20) Demographic: Adults (Teens and mature children with a very good attention span are also welcome.) Starts: Sept 20, 2017 Ends: Dec 13, 2017 Meets: Weekly (Except Nov 22) Day: Wednesday Time: 7pm Place: Old Chief Theater – 103 Avenue C (former Home of Arise Church) Leader: Heather Bulgrin Phone: 218-341-4495 Email:

The Basics of Going Deeper with God By Wade McHargue

About the topic: Topical bible study material developed by Wade McHargue.  We will be digging into the Word and spending time in prayer.    Demographic: Anyone who wants to go deeper with God. Starts: Sept 26, 2017 Ends: March 6, 2018 Meets: Weekly  Day: Tuesday Time: 6:30pm Place: 15 – 5th Street, Cloquet (Robin’s Home) Leader: Robin Brady & Jeni Peterson Phone: 218-393-7100 (Robin) 218-591-2599 (Jeni) (Robin) (Jeni)

Pastor Mike’s Worship Small Group

About the topic: A small group on Leading Worship.  Need not be on a worship team or even ever plan to be!  J  We will discuss various topics and spend time worshipping the Lord together.  Demographic: Anyone Starts: Oct 3, 2017 Ends: Nov 14, 2017 Meets: Weekly Day: Tuesday Time: 6:30pm Place: Good Hope Sanctuary Leader: Mike Stevens Phone: 218-556-9856

Men’s S.O.A.P. Bible Study Group

About the topic: Daily devotions will be talked about in the small group. We will talk, listen, and eat! Bring a Bible. This will be GREAT!  Demographic: Men, ages 18+ Starts: Sept 20, 2017 Ends: Dec 20, 2017 Meets: Weekly (follows Youth Group schedule) Day: Wednesday Time: 7pm Place: K-5 Room downstairs Leader: Chris Swanson, Jeff Fisher, Mike Cloutier, Dennis Francisco Phone: Chris Swanson – 218-390-2010

S.H.A.P.E. Finding and Fulfilling Your Unique Purpose in Life by Erik Rees

About the topic: Go beyond learning about The Purpose Driven Life discovering God’s unique purpose for your life based on the way God shaped you. Demographic: Everyone Starts: Sept 26, 2017 Ends: Dec 12, 2017 Meets: Weekly  Day: Tuesday Time: 6:30pm Place: 314 S. Ugstad Rd., Proctor Leader: Dennis & Jennifer Francisco Phone: 218-340-0456

Marriage on the Rock DVD Series Jimmy and Karen Evans

About the topic: Whether engaged, married, or having marital difficulties, you’ll find Godly wisdom detailed in Marriage on the Rock.  This series will lay the foundation for a successful marriage and how to cope with the struggles of daily life together. Demographic: Engaged and Married Couples Starts: Oct 5, 2017 Ends: Feb 8, 2018 Meets: Twice a Month (1st and 3rd Thursday)  Day: Thursday Time: 6:30pm Place: Fellowship Room Leader: Mike and Kelly Pack Phone: 715-817-4092 Email: