Cloquet Services: Saturday 6:30pm | Sunday 9 & 10:45am
Morgan Park Services: Sunday 10am

Small Groups & Classes

  Small Groups & Classes will be starting up again in September.

Learning aabout the Holy Spirit from a Shepherd Dog

About the topic: Burton Laine will tell stories of how he has learned about the Holy Spirit through his experiences over 30 years on the farm, co-shepherding a small flock of sheep with a livestock shepherd dog. Topics will include: Feeling the Presence, Stop Worrying, and Enjoying the Presence. The small group will focus on how the Holy Spirit works in our lives. Discussions will help to identify how to recognize the Holy Spirit, and develop a reminder tool to remember to look for Holy Spirit experiences every day. Demographic: Adults Starts: Oct 14, 2018 Ends: Oct 28, 2018 Meets: Every week Day: Sunday Time: 6:30 pm Place: GH Cloquet, Classroom 4 (enter downstairs door) Leader: Burt Laine Phone: 218-393-4814 Email:

Propel Women – by Christine and Nick Caine

About the topic: Propel Women / Personal Leadership: Designed for women, we will tackle conversations about how to lead ourselves and others in the day-to-day life and calling. Whether you area a college student, a stay home mom, leading in the marketplace, the ministry, or your community, we want to start the conversation and help guide you as you lead in your sphere of influence. Don’t miss out on this opportunity that will propel you and those around you into your God given Passion, Purpose, and Potential! Demographic: Women Starts: Sep 27, 2018 Ends: Dec 13, 2018 Meets: Every 2nd and 4th week Day: Thursday Time: 7 pm Place: GH Cloquet, Classroom 4 (enter downstairs door) Cost: $12.50, sign up by Sep 16 Leader: Kelly Black Phone: 218-310-9260

Stuck Together – by Pastor Mike and Tranette

About the topic:We’re real & we’re raw. Come learn from our mistakes! Demographic: Anyone married or one day hoping to be married. Starts: Oct 14, 2018 Ends: Oct 28, 2018 Meets: Weekly Day: Sunday Time: 6:30 pm Place: GH Cloquet Sanctuary Leader: Pastor Mike and Tranette Phone: 218-244-6999 Email:

Happiness – by Randy Alcorn

About the topic: Randy Alcorn dispels centuries of misconceptions about happiness and provides indisputable proof that God not only wants us to be happy, He commands it. A study on the subject of happiness to shift your paradigm! Demographic: Anyone  Starts: Sep 20, 2018 Ends: Oct 25, 2018 Meets: Weekly Day: Thursday Time: 6 pm Place: Lester’s Home – 7088 Maple Grove Road, Cloquet Leader: Rebecca Magnuson Phone: 218-269-4565 Email:

Men’s S.O.A.P. Bible Study

About the topic: Daily devotions will be talked about in this small group. Check the bulletin or website for the S.O.A.P. Scripture reading schedule. We will talk and eat! Bring a Bible. This will be GREAT! Demographic: Men, ages 18+ Starts: Sep 12, 2018 Ends: Dec 12, 2018 Meets: Weekly Day: Wednesday Time: 7 pm Place: GH Cloquet – K-5th Grade room(downstairs) Leader: Chris Swanson, Jeff Fisher, Dennis Francisco, Pastor Mike Phone: Chris, 218-390-2010 Email:

Women’s S.O.A.P.

About the topic:S.O.A.P. stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer. Let’s learn a simple way to study scripture, connect with other women and grow in our faith. More details @ See Bulletin or website for current weekly S.O.A.P scriptures Demographic: Women Starts: Sep 18, 2018 Ends: Dec 4, 2018 Meets: Weekly Day: Tuesday Time: 6:30 pm Place: GH Morgan Park – Upper Children’s Area Leader: Nicole Pond/Aimee Anderson Phone: 218-341-6853 / 218-879-7656 Email: /

Women’s Worship Night

About the topic: Come spend some time in extended worship and prayer. Demographic: Adult Women Starts: Sep 24, 2018 Ends: Apr 22, 2019 (No Worship Night in December) Meets: Monthly – Every 4th Day: Monday Time: 6:30 – 8 pm Place: GH Cloquet Sanctuary Leader: Laurie, Alison, Shelby, & Aimee Phone: Aimee (218) 879-7656 Email: