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Morgan Park Services: Sunday 10am

Good Hope Foundations Class

4 week Class

Our Good Hope Foundations Class is a 4 week introductory class which Pastor Mike put together to help people learn more about Good Hope, our culture, our heart, and our beliefs. It’s also necessary for anyone wanting to volunteer in the ministries of the church. It’s not a membership class, and there are no strings attached. The class is offered several times a year. Childcare is provided.


Table of Contents

1. Welcome – Who We Are

  • Missions Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Discipleship Pathway

Part 1 Notes

2. Church Personality and Core Values

Part 2 Notes

3. Being a Strong Player

  • Sunday AM isn’t enough
  • The new revival
  • Small Groups and Daily Devotions

Part 3 Notes

4. AG Doctrinal Basics I

(First 8 Fundamental Truths)

5. AG Doctrinal Basics II

(Last 8 Fundamental Truths)

6. Q and A regarding tongues and vocal gifts

7. Overcoming sin

  • Holiness and sanctification (from Fundamental Truths)
  • Our guilt, Our hurts, Our future
  • Who made you and why

Part 7 Notes

8. Putting up with others

  • The Dream
  • No, you really don’t know
  • The command to love one another
  • Safe and free

Part 8 Notes

9. The Victory Message

  • God is Good (Jn 10:10)
  • 3 types of suffering and how we respond
  • Enforce the victory rather than submit to the devil or the curse.

Part 9 Notes

10. Money Money Money

  •  Tithing: Jacob’s Covenant
  • Pride and Poverty Mentality
  • Depravation Mentality vs Faith for blessings
  • Good Hope doesn’t nickel and dime

Part 10 Notes

11. Leadership and Church Structure

  • Who’s in charge?
  • What is a servant leader?
  • Roles of leaders and followers: following a fallible leader
  • Basic church structure

Part 11 Notes

12. Advancement in the Faith

  • God’s plan is for you to advance
  • Faithful in the little things
  • Self vs. grace
  • Being usable

Part 12 Notes